Norb Organics | Testimonials
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“First let me say that the conditioner smells YUMMY!!!!! Immediately when I put it on my hair I could feel the difference in how smooth my hair was. It also instantly detangled my hair. After rinsing I put my hair up in a loose bun and I didn’t have to use any products like gel, edge control and leave in conditioners!!!! I’m trying to retrain my curls and I’m confident your new product will help me get there . Kudos my fellow Bruin!!!!” – Tammi C

Thank you! Awesome product! Gonna leave me all smelling like yumminess and tasting like brunch! – Maria A


I noticed when I did put the conditioner on; my curls began to form and looked a lot smoother than normal. I look forward to purchasing NORB! – Karyln M


I LOVED your product and need more! Please let me know how you can work it out! Thanks so much for such a great product! 5 stars! – Tanya T


“My hair is so soft and my curls are more defined. Thank you so much for allowing me to try your NORB conditioner so far I love it! My hair is so soft and my curls are on point and I didn’t put anything in it!” – Shawntee H


before    after