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Thanks so much for stopping by to find out more about Nina’s ORganic Brunch for Hair (NORB)

What is NORB for Hair?:
NORB Organic Moisturizing Conditioner is an all natural, chemical-fee, non-gmo, organic, and healthy treatment for your hair that has no preservatives, perfumes or dyes and is made entirely from food.

What does NORB do?
NORB will moisturize, rejuvenate, define, detangle, soften, enhance color, and add ultra shine for both straight or curly hairstyles.

The Story:
NORB Moisturizing Conditioner is a result of my desire to use products that are natural, chemical-fee, organic, and healthy for my skin and hair.

I have been wearing my natural hair for 8 years now, and I have a LARGE box full of unused hair products to prove there were plenty of ups and downs on my natural hair journey!

The products out there for natural hair are too slimy, too drying, too expensive, too light, too damaging, or have too much build up!
And most of all…
What is all this stuff they have us putting in our hair, anyway?? If I can’t pronounce it, I don’t want to eat it, and neither does my hair!!

NORB is made from all organic food. Got food allergies?? Please email with a list of your specific allergies.

The Inspiration –
My hair was horribly dry from swimming – Think cotton Brillo pad!! I did some research, mixed up a batch of the ORGANIC MOISTURIZING FOOD ingredients that I thought would be best to FEED my hair. I used it as a deep conditioner by putting on a shower cap and leaving it on for about two hours. It worked wonders!! My hairdresser was floored, she said, “Whatever this is, sell it!!”

After you try NORB, I’d love for send me a review to I’d love to hear what you think, and you could even be featured as a NORB model!!

The Results:
*People have said that NORB enhances their curls, makes their hair and scalp moisturized, and makes their hair super soft, shiny and healthy looking.
*NORB works wonders as a moisturizing conditioner for both straight and curly styles!